Up to 80%  savings on your  lighting energy  bills

Saving Energy,Saving Money,Saving the Environment.

Energy Saving Led lights for your homes and offices

  Supply & Installation of  Superior Quality Led lights  

                           Save Energy,Save Money,Save the Environment.

LED lights Supply & Installation

LED lights Supply & Installation

36/40 w Led Panel lights .

3w Panel led light installation for Sinclair Pharmacy Roman road E3 ,London.

Their existing 100 w grill tube lights were replaced  with our high energy efficient Led panel lights,giving them more brightness and 70% reduction                                         in their electricity consumption.

LED lights Supply & Installation

20-50w Led Flood or Wall Washer Light.

Our 30w Led flood light was installed as a replacement for  150w halogen at HCD offices in Hackney. An enormous savings of up to 80% of electricity consumption culminating in huge total energy saving bills.

LED lights Supply & Installation

40w -T8 Led tube lights Retrofitting

The application of our 40w Led tube lights as a replacement of 70w conventional T8 tube lights. A savings of  up to 70% was realised with more brightness. It requires no choke or starter thus reducing maintenance cost  for the Customer.  

LED lights Supply & Installation

One of our numerous LED light installation projects for a satisfied client at Barking, London.

Very big reduction in electricity consumption of  4200kw  to 1680kw  giving a savings of  over 60%.